E-Hive - How to Assign Final Grades

This guide will show you how to access the Faculty Center tool in eHive, open your class grade roster, assign grades to specific students, and post those grades using the Approval Status function. It explains how to assign grades for students who stop attending class and how to assign Incomplete and In-Progress Grades.
  1. Login to E-Hive
  2. View Your Schedule in Faculty Center
  3. Open Your Class Grade Roster
  4. Assign Grades
  5. Review and Approve Final Grades
  6. How Do I Change Final Grades?

Step One: Login to eHive

Final grades must be submitted in eHive, our Student Information System. Canvas grades are not automatically sent to eHive.

You can login to E-Hive from the UW-Superior Campus Logins page.

You can also login to E-Hive using the pop-up menu on the top of every page of the UW-Superior website. Look for the Campus Logins link on the top right of the page—next to the Search bar—and hover your cursor over it. Click the My E-Hive link in the bottom-left of the pop-up window.

If you need help logging in to E-Hive, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Step Two: View Your Schedule in Faculty Center

To enter grades in E-Hive, you’ll first need to open the Faculty Center page.

  1. Click Main Menu in the top left, above the UW-Superior logo.
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Self Service and then Faculty Center.
  3. Select the My Schedule menu option.
  4. Change the term to the term corresponding to the class you’d like to grade by clicking the Change Term button. (You may not need to change the selected term because E-Hive will remember the last term you’ve viewed.)

Screenshot of Change Term Button

Step Three: Select a Class

Faculty Center shows your teaching schedule for the selected term in the “My Teaching Schedule” table.

To select a class and begin assigning grades, click the Grade Roster icon to the left of the class’s link in the Class column. (If you select the class link instead, you’ll see a detailed description of the class.)

Screenshot of My Teaching Schedule

Why isn’t my class listed?

If you’re teaching many classes, Faculty Center may not show all of your classes by default. Click the View All link to the lower left of your roster to show all your classes.

If the class you’d like to grade is not listed, contact your department’s Academic Department Associate (ADA) to make sure the class has been configured correctly and associated with your E-Hive account.

Step Four: Assign Grades

On a class Grade Roster the Display Options box shows a “Grade Roster Type” dropdown selector. At the end of the semester this dropdown will default to the “Final Grade” option.

To assign a grade to a student, look for their row in the “Student Grade” table. Click the empty dropdown menu in the “Roster Grade” column next to their name.

Screenshot of Grade Roster

The appropriate grading basis appears in the dropdown list. Enter a grade for each student on the roster.

If you are not able to grade the entire class, keep the Approval Status set to “Not Reviewed” and click Save. Now you can return later to finish grading.

Important Grading Notes

Incomplete (I) and In-Progress Grades (IP)

Courses approved via UW-Superior Registrar’s Office policy AP1107 can be assigned IP grades. I grades automatically lapse to F grades if a Change of Grade form is not submitted to the Registrar’s office prior to the last day of final exams for the following fall or spring semester.

XF Grades

XF grades are assigned for students who stop attending. If you submit a grade of XF for a student, you need to include the student’s last date of attendance. If the student never attended, enter the first day of the term. To enter a date:

  1. Click the Transcript Note tab.
  2. Look for the student’s row in the “Transcript Note” table.
  3. Click the Note link to the right of the student’s name, in the blank column on the right side of the table.
  4. On the note, enter the students last date of attendance (for example, enter “9/6/2016”).
Screenshot of Transcript Note

Step Five: Review and Approve Final Grades

Student grades will not post until your approve them in E-Hive.

Check for Errors

Please double-check all grades after inputting them into your roster to ensure they’re accurate. Grades cannot be changed once they’re in a “Final Grades” status and you must change the status back to “Not Reviewed” to make any changes.

Approve Final Grades

After you have graded all students, you need to approve them.

Look for the “Approval Status” pull-down menu in the “Grade Roster Action” box. Select “Final Grades” and click the Save button.

When all students have been graded properly, a pop-up box will appear indicating grades were submitted with success. If an error occurs, a failure message will be displayed.

Screenshot of Approval Status Selector

Step Six: Grade Your Remaining Courses

If you’ve taught more than one class this term, grade your remaining courses. Click the My Schedule tab and select the Grade Roster Icon for the next class.

Repeat the steps above for each class.

Screenshot of My Schedule Tab

What Happens Next?

Once you set your grades to “Final Grades” status, an hourly, nightly, or manual process will post them to student transcripts. Students will not see their grades until the Registrar’s Office posts them to the student’s record.

During the final grading period of a Fall or Spring semester, grades will post automatically four times daily (6:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, 6:00 p.m., and 12:00 midnight). During Summer and J-Term semesters, grades will be posted periodically.

If you're grading a course that ends in the middle of a term, grades won't be posted until the Registar's Office runs a manual post process. Timing will vary.

How Do I Change Grades Before They’re Posted?

Grades cannot be changed once they’re posted by the Registrar’s Office.

If you notice an incorrect grade after setting the “Approval Status” to “Final Grades,” but they haven’t been posted yet, you can change the “Approval Status” back to “Not Reviewed”:

  1. In the “My Teaching Schedule” table, select the Grade Roster icon next to the necessary course.
  2. Change the “Approval Status” dropdown menu back to “Not Reviewed.”
  3. Change any incorrect grades.
  4. When finished, change the “Approval Status” dropdown menu to “Final Grades.”
  5. Click the Save button.

If you can’t change the Approval Status of a class back, the grade roster has been posted. Download a Change of Grade form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

Screenshot of Grade Change Request Form

Need Help?

Contact the UW-Superior Technology Help Desk or Registrar’s Office.

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