Canvas - How to Setup Your Proctored Exams Using Honorlock

Are you using Honorlock to proctor your assessments? Please review these important reminders to ensure your students are ready to use Honorlock, can access their proctored exam on schedule, and Honorlock records the data you need.

If you’re new to Honorlock or haven’t used it in a while, please visit this Using Honorlock with Canvas guide.

  1. Students Need to Launch Their Exams from Honorlock: Students need to first (1) click Honorlock in the Navigation menu and then (2) click the blue Launch button next to the proctored exam. They will then verify their identity, show their room, and begin sharing their screen.
  2. Don’t Share the Access Code: Students do not need the Honorlock generated access code to enter their exams. Once they launch the exam and finish the Honorlock authentication process, the Honorlock extension will automatically pass students into their Canvas quiz. The students will never see the password/access code.
    • Do not remove or alter the Honorlock generated access code, as changing it will allow students to access the assessment without being proctored, or prevent them from starting their exam.
    • Only share the access code with specific students that need to bypass Honorlock due to an accommodation request or because they will be utilizing an in-person proctor or testing center.
  3. Share the Honorlock Student FAQ: Some of your students may not have used Honorlock or an online proctoring tool before. Please share a link to the Honorlock Student FAQ early in your course modules so students can review it.
  4. Setup a Practice Quiz: Honorlock makes it very easy to create a practice exam in Canvas. This will allow students to get used to the tool, ensure their testing computer is ready to go, and troubleshoot any issues in advance of their high-stakes assessments. (You can also use the Simulated Exam toggle to create practice exams with your own questions.)

Screenshot of Honorlock

Optimize Your Course Design for Honorlock

You can change a few things in your course to encourage students to go directly to the Honorlock tool at the time of their proctored exams.

  1. Hide the Quizzes Tool: If your individual quizzes are included in the relevant module, students can and should be accessing the quizzes from there. That means you can hide the Quizzes tool by going to your Settings page and removing Quizzes from your visible Navigation items. You’ll still be able to access it, but your students won’t, and will have to click into individual quizzes from within your course modules. (You can hide many of the other items in Navigation too. We recommend hiding any links that students won’t be using in your course.)
  2. Use a Placeholder for Proctored Exams: We typically recommend adding your quizzes to the relevant course module. However, because students need to launch their proctored exams from within the Honorlock tool, you might want to create a placeholder page for those quizzes instead. Explain when students need to take the quiz, provide some information about Honorlock, and direct them to launch the exam from Honorlock at the correct time. You can then add that new page to your lesson module where you would normally add a link to the quiz.

Need Help?

Now is a good time to watch the How to Use Honorlock Guide for Instructors if you’re new to Honorlock. We recommend all instructors using Honorlock read and reference the Using Honorlock with Canvas guide; Honorlock updates this resource when they release a new version of their application.

Honorlock offers technical support 24/7 via live chat. You can access Honorlock Support by clicking the Honorlock browser extension (it looks like shield icon with a check-mark) or by visiting this Honorlock Support page.

If you’d like help setting up your Canvas course to best utilize online proctoring, please email or fill out our instructional support form.

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