Canvas - Honorlock - Template for Proctored Quiz Details Field

You can use the following template to setup proctored quizzes. This verbiage should help students access Honorlock successfully at the correct time.

How to Use This Template

You can use the template text listed below when setting up proctored quizzes that use Honorlock.
Start by coping the template text and pasting it into your Canvas quiz's Instructions field. Next, fill in any placeholder text and customize the instructions as needed.

This exam in scheduled for the week of [DATE]. Please complete the exam by end-of-day [DATE].


This exam will be proctored by Honorlock. Please read the two Honorlock guides linked below to make sure you're ready to use Honorlock successfully during the final exam:

 Also, complete the Honorlock Practice Quiz at your convenience. This will not count towards your grade and is an opportunity to confirm your computer can run Honorlock and troubleshoot any issues you encounter before the graded final exam.

Start Your Final Exam

When you're ready to start your final exam, you will need to launch the Honorlock exam. Click Honorlock in the left course Navigation menu and then click the blue Launch button next to "[QUIZ NAME]."

For example, the screenshot below shows the Launch button next to the Honorlock Practice Quiz.

Screenshot of Honorlock Exam Launch Button

Proctoring Details

You will need either your UWS Student ID or Drivers License to begin your exam. Honorlock will scan your ID card to confirm your identity.

No book, notes or other items are allowed to be used during the exam.

You will only have one attempt at this final. Please confirm the following before you begin:

  • You have a Windows or MacOS computer available with Google Chrome installed. Google Chrome is required to use Honorlock.
  • Your computer has a working webcam.
  • Your computer is in good working condition.
  • Your computer is plugged in so you don't lose power during the exam.
  • Your WiFi connection is strong. Make sure your WiFi connection is fast and stable, or plug your laptop into your network using an Ethernet cable.

Reserve at least [TIME LIMIT] hours to take your exam. Please ensure you won't be interrupted during that time.

Need Help Using Honorlock?

Honorlock offers technical support 24/7 to assist students before, during, and after their proctored tests. If you need any assistance, click the chat bubble in the lower-right of your screen.

You can also contact Honorlock Support here.

Ready to Begin?

You can access Honorlock from the left Navigation menu.

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