CLIC Annual Report Academic Year 2023

Thank you for your interest in the Markwood Center for Learning, Innovation and Collaboration. This report details our efforts during the 2022–2023 academic year.

Photo of Jim Dan Hill Library Building

Letter From the Director Team

In 2022–23, we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the “CLIC@JDHL,” our multi-faceted team within the Jim Dan Hill Library (and online) that supports many aspects of teaching and learning. This year, a few key emphases of our work tie together the many services, programs, events, and learning experiences we provide to our UW-Superior students, faculty, staff, and community patrons.

  • Increasing Access for Teaching and Learning: Of the many ways that we are increasing access, Open Educational Resources (OER) are high on our list; later on in this report we highlight the success of our mini-grant program, the dollar amounts students are saving, and our featured presentation at UW System this spring.
  • Engaging the Community and Region: We are proud of the many community outreach events undertaken this year, including: OneBook Northland participation with a Wolves in Folklore event featuring experts from the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute; alumni and student presentations including Debra Raye King’s book launch and Lauren Steltz’s archival research on the UW-Superior residence halls through their history “Home Away From Home”; visiting author events in partnership with the Writing Program including Phong Nguyen and alumna Nyanyika Banda; serving as a LiveWell! Northern Wisconsin site; cooperating with and increasing access to Superior Public Library; and collaborations with campus partners such as the Pruitt Center for a Death Café, and with the Department of Education and Future Teachers Association, two reading events for children: Reading Buddies and Books with Buzz.
  • Contributing to a Culture of Care: The list is long of the enjoyable and community- building programs and events that our team and community members get up to both within the Jim Dan Hill Library and online: game nights, crafternoons, multiple book clubs for professional development and personal enhancement, a creative writing group, De-Stress weeks featuring free blood pressure checks and visits from cuddly therapy animals, and a visit by the Zoomobile featuring less-cuddly reptiles.

We are proud to share our successes of the 2022–23 academic year and some bittersweet moments too, as three wonderful staff members celebrated their retirements in 2023. Thank you for reading, and as always, reach out with your comments, ideas, and questions. You can reach us by emailing or visiting the Jim Dan Hill Library.

Dr. Jamie White-Farnham, Director & Stephanie Warden, Associate Director

Photo of CLIC Staff
The founding CLIC@JDHL team members in Spring 2023, from left to right: Jade Jensen, Stephanie Warden, Julie Bracket, Travis Mann, Janet Baltes, Laura Jacobs, Hanna Paquette, Jamie White-Farnham, Natasha Schumacher, Del Wright, Natalie Shepherd, Michael Merline, and Emily Moran

Open Educational Resources

Instructor Development

Providing instructors with opportunities to engage with and create open materials is at the core of the CLIC’s OER efforts. This year, we held two separate intensive workshops, during which seven faculty and staff learned what OERs are, where to find them online, and how to adopt them in their own courses. Participants also selected an open textbook to review in the Open Textbook Library, which resulted in at least three adoptions.

In our second year of the OER Mini-Grant Program, the OER Committee was pleased to award seven grants to instructors. Three $600 adoption grants were awarded to Beth Austin, Sydny VanderVeen, and Donna Kirk, two $1,000 creation grants were awarded to Lorena Rios Mendoza, Staci Gilpin, and Amanda Zbacnik, and one new $2,000 departmental grant was awarded to Heather Kahler, Kristin Riesgraf, and Josh Stangle from the Mathematics and Computer Science department. Since it began in 2021, the OER Mini-Grant Program has saved students over $13,000 and is projected to save students over $66,000 by the end of 2024.

Student Voices

To learn more about required textbooks and course materials at UWS, how much students are spending on them, and how the cost of course materials is affecting their academic and personal lives, students were invited to take a survey in November 2021 and November 2022. In November 2021, the survey received 479 responses, which is an 18.4% response rate from a total enrollment of 2,609 students. In November 2022, the survey received 310 responses, which is an 11.6% response rate from a total of 2,682 students enrolled. Overall, the results of the two surveys indicate that most student respondents shared frustrations about the cost of course materials and experienced hardships due to this cost. In Fall 2022 alone, 35.7% of respondents (200 students) reported to have struggled with stress or worry and 18.0% of respondents (101 students) have struggled to afford groceries due to the cost of course materials.

Student Testimonials

"The textbooks I bought take away some of my own funds. This has required me to work through the academic year, which causes me extra stress. I would like to just focus on school during the academic year."

“Books are too expensive for international students - I do not get loans so all of the costs come out of my pocket, and I have to debate whether I would rather groceries for a few weeks or a book which I’m not even sure I’m going to need in class.”

OER Committee Scholarship

The OER Committee presented their findings from the Textbook Affordability Surveys at two conferences in 2022, including the Wisconsin Open Education Symposium and the Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) Annual Conference. Associate Director Stephanie Warden also participated in a panel discussion about OER programs in academic libraries at the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) 2023 Conference in Pittsburgh in March 2023. In 2022, the Committee also published a column in the Journal of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education reflecting on the CLIC’s OER efforts.

Serving Students, Faculty, and Staff

The CLIC@JDHL is a busy place, with study room bookings, reference support requests, Canvas help cases, material check-outs, archival research, and instructional development events happening each day. Here is a snapshot of these services by the numbers:

  • Check outs: 8,226 items checked out by our patrons (up from 3,000 in 2020 and 5,300 in 2021)
  • Borrowing: 1,119 books and articles were retrieved from other institutions for our UW- Superior community
  • Lending: 1,803 books and articles were sent to other institutions within the UW-System

Course Reserves

This year instructors put more than 40 books, DVDs, and other materials on course reserve for their students. Course reserves allow students to use the materials without purchasing their own copies. Talk to us about putting your course materials on reserve!

Reference and Instruction

This year, in addition to normal on-demand reference services, a Night Librarian was on call in-person and online during the most demanding times of the academic year, from mid-term to finals each semester. In 2022–23, our librarians supported over 350 students in 1:1 sessions, courses in seven academic departments, and McNair Scholars.

Visits and Space Use

We recorded 23,761 visits from September to May and 2,058 study room reservations. We provided 350+ students an orientation to the library during Weekend of Welcome, and provided further academic and social support throughout the year during “De-Stress” weeks and “Get Stuff Done,” recurring events that bring together tutoring and library services for students during mid-terms—with plenty of coffee, of course!

Curated Collections

Our librarians are proud to offer curated collections. These include:

  • In Memory 2022
  • Book, Movie, or Audio
  • Autobiography and Memoir
  • Back to School

Visit all our curated collections on the Jim Dan Hill
Library website


The Canvas team supported nearly 700 requests for help with Canvas technical issues or course design. The team worked with instructors, staff supporting a range of Continuing Education programs, Technology Services, students, and colleagues across UW System. Common support topics include:

  • Creating audio and video and using it in Canvas with Kaltura and the My Media tool
  • Canvas course access and sharing course content with another instructor
  • Canvas features like the To Do List, Syllabus, Gradebook, and Course Import tool

Please visit the UW-Superior KnowledgeBase for more information about these topics and how to use our Canvas system.

Popular Check-Outs

This year’s most popular items included Guojing’s Stormy, Linda Graham’s Rebuilding Native Nations, and Prince Harry’s Spare.


This was a busy year for the Mattson Family
Archive Center. We received hundreds of questions and requests for materials. We also added new materials, including items from alumni, the Seaway Port Authority, and International Shipmaster’s Association. And we love seeing students utilize the archives, including those studying Public History, First Nations, Gallery Studies, and The Promethean staff. Other highlights included:

Book Clubs

Book clubs continue to be a popular way to learn and connect with others on campus on a variety of topics. We select titles that focus on professional development in higher education and books for personal enrichment that build community connections. This year, the CLIC hosted or co-hosted five book clubs for over 50 colleagues and students:

  • Fuzz—facilitated by Natasha Schumacher and Michael Merline in Fall 2022
  • Norse Mythology—facilitated by Natasha Schumacher and Michael Merline in Spring 2023
  • The Wolf’s Trail—facilitated by Stephanie Warden in Spring 2023
  • I Never Thought of it That Way—facilitated by Katelyn Baumann and Heidi Schaaf in Spring 2023
  • Relationship-Rich Education: How Human Connections Drive Success in College—facilitated by Shanna Nifoussi in Spring 2023 as part of a UW System book club

Academic Service Learning Project

Students from Kenna Bolton Holz’s spring PSYC 258: Gender, Psychology, and Society course participated in an Academic Service-Learning project for the second year. They evaluated 102 new books that were purchased in 2022 for the children’s collection. Four students partnered with the library’s diversity committee to examine these new titles through a diversity lens to ensure that the library is curating an accessible and diverse collection that demonstrates a variety of viewpoints and experiences. Students analyzed each book to see how the main characters were portrayed throughout the story and how the authors’ background can influence the story. The results from this project illustrate that the library’s goal of prioritizing the inclusion of diverse topics during the selection process can create visible changes to our collection.

“Thank you for a great semester partnering with UWS students. We truly value the collaboration and partnership with your organization. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“We wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work on this project. We really enjoyed how flexible it was, and it was exciting to see the selection of books the library has. We appreciated the room for self- accountability, and we enjoyed the work!”

Diversity Audit Results Graph

Instructional and Professional Development

Homegrown Mentorship Program

Congratulations as well to our newly minted campus leaders from our 2022–23 cohort. Fourteen participants have been mentored by senior leaders at UW-Superior, forging new relationships that improve processes, programs, and outcomes for our students, staff, and faculty.


  • Jen Bird
  • Nick Bursik
  • Mark Graves
  • Ephraim Nikoi
  • Brent Notbohm
  • Krisi Patterson


  • Katelyn Baumann
  • Angie Kappes
  • Brady Stocker
  • Amy LaRue
  • Monte Stewart
  • Kristen Jasperson
  • Jade Golen
  • Ken Rodenwald
  • Heather Thompson
  • Travis Mann
  • David Potter
  • Taylor Walkky- Byington
  • Sean Monnier
  • Natasha Schumacher

Photo of Homegrown Mentorship Program gathering.

Homegrown Mentorship Program participants begin their leadership journey in the Jim Dan Hill Library in August 2022.

Lead From Where You Are Fireside Chats

To continue learning opportunities in regards to leadership topics, the CLIC hosted five fire-side sessions featuring campus leaders sharing their expertise on various topics:

  • Building Relationships with Jen Bird, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Using Impostor Syndrome to Your Advantage with Shanna Nifoussi, Associate Professor in Natural Sciences & Faculty Senate Chairperson
  • What’s Your Why? with Jamie White-Farnham, Professor & Director, CLIC & Jim Dan Hill Library
  • Inclusive Managers with Stephanie Warden, Associate Director and Librarian, CLIC and Jim Dan Hill Library
  • Radical Candor with Monte Stewart, Director, McNair Scholars Program

Teaching and Learning Cohort

The CLIC@JDHL welcomes and supports the new incoming full-time instructors each fall with a kickoff and 10-week orientation program, “TLC.” This past year, UW-Superior welcomed six new full-time assistant professors, visiting assistant professors, and senior lecturers to campus this fall. The group represents five academic programs: Graduate Counseling, Educational Administration, Teacher Education, Communication Studies, and History. Each new instructor brought a wealth of expertise and teaching experience to the campus and is committed to the mission of UW-Superior, engaging variously in active teaching and learning and helping students prepare for their professional futures. This cohort included: Dr. Matt Dass, Dr. Taylor Gombos, Dr. Jane Howard, MaKenzie Johnson, Dr. Brittnie Peck, and Jessica Urbaniak.

Superior Learning Experience

Each summer, a cohort of instructors participates online to design or revise an online course, often with a new pedagogical emphasis, such as creating an Open Pedagogy assignment or learning about inclusive teaching practices. In Summer 2022, participants ranged from six academic departments and the Link Center including: Aarati Mahat, David Potter, Emilee Howland, Heather Kahler, Ilsa Hoeschen, Jennifer Garland, Jennifer Vogler, Josh Stangle, Kristin Riesgraf, Meg Muthupandiyan, Priyanka Mehta, Stacey Amo, and Wendy Kropid.

UW System Joys of Teaching Conference

Seventeen UW-Superior instructors presented at
or attended the annual UW System Joys of Teaching Conference in Madison in April 2023. This amazing showing was the fourth largest group among our UW System counterparts—hailing from five of our academic departments and reflecting a range of work in scholarship of teaching and learning, experiential learning, educational technologies, and reflective pedagogy:

  • Beth Austin (Communicating Arts), Beth Grbavcich, and Jeanette Pucheu (both of WLL) for their presentation on engaging students using Canvas discussion boards.
  • Anne Roberston, Stephanie Polkowski, and Donna Kirk (all Dept. of Education) for their presentation on equity through scaffolding.
  • Kristen Riesgraf and Heather Kahler (both of the Math program) for their presentation on reflective teaching.
  • Mimi Rappley-Larson and Lynn Goerdt (both of the Social Work program) for their presentation on empathy in student learning. Mimi also provided the closing remarks of the conference.
  • Nicholle Schuelke (Dept. of Education) for her research poster on the topic of reflection for transformational learning.
  • Amanda Zbacnik (Dept. of Education) for her research poster on the topic of students’ disability rights and services.

UW System Faculty College Retreat

A team of nine UW-Superior instructors across disciplines joined teams from every UW System campus at a four-day retreat at Osthoff Resort in May 2023. The retreat afforded time and space for conversation, reflection, and future thinking about Teaching and Learning with a Social Justice Lens. Led by keynote facilitator Dr. Lisa Brock, the team came away with ideas to share back with the campus about how instructors can support each other with new teaching and learning methods. Watch the Fall 2023 CLIC schedule of events for future opportunities to learn more about Teaching and Learning with a Social Justice Lens.

Participants in Faculty College from left to right: Priyanka Mehta, Angela Woods, Alison Weilgus, Jennifer Vogler, Josh Stangle, Jamie White-Farnham, Max Gatyas, Shanna Nifoussi, and Taylor Gombos

Photo of Faculty College Retreat

Homegrown Scholars

Congratulations to our 2022–23 scholars of teaching and learning! This year’s scholars presented at a UW System conference or presented via Zoom for a campus audience. This work represents continued inquiry into questions about higher education learning, technology, and teaching that moves our campus forward. Thank you to this group for their hard work and kudos to the coordinator Dr. Nicholle Schuelke. This year’s cohort included: Anne Roberston, Stephanie Polkowski, and Donna Kirk; Kristen Riesgraf and Heather Kahler; and Del Wright and Natasha Schumacher, whose project was entitled “Impact of Canvas Training on Student Success and Equitable Practices.”

Celebrating Our People

Student Workers

Thank you to our student workers, whose level of care, commitment, and hard work we appreciate so greatly:

  • Savannah Brinson
  • Macee Chapman
  • Hailie Evans
  • Josef Fahrenholtz
  • Lindsey Olson
  • Ethan Rens
  • Anna Senty
  • Phabien Sturtze
  • Blanca Severson
  • Bryanna Todryk
  • Gavin Watkinson
  • Allie Zimmer

CLIC Advisory Board

The CLIC Advisory Board is comprised of campus colleagues who help guide our programming events. Thank you to the 2022–23 board:

  • Salisa Hochstettler
  • Emilee Howland
  • Jen Jackl
  • Josh Stangle
  • John McCormick
  • Emily Moran
  • Shanna Nifoussi
  • Tammy Rady
  • Cathy Rackliffe

Shanna also served as our 2022–23 faculty representative to the UW System Office of Professional Development.

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars

Dr. Amanda Zbacnik served as our 2022–23 UW- Superior representative in the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars program; congratulations to her for her work on students’ disability rights and services. Upcoming in 2023–24, Drs. Josh Stangle and Jennifer Vogler will participate in a year-long cohort to conduct scholarship of teaching and learning.
The application process for this program begins in October; reach out to if you are interested in becoming a Wisconsin Teaching Fellow or Scholar.

Thank You for Your Feedback!

“Canvas Team access for answering questions and troubleshooting issues is fantastic! Very prompt and approachable folks, thank you!”

“The most helpful thing is the information that CLIC provides on assessment, research, and inclusiveness.”

“I enjoyed getting to know people through the book clubs; more book clubs!”

“Continue having colleagues share about their work. I enjoy hearing about the innovations. I also appreciate the chance for professional development. A sincere thank you.”

“Thank you librarians for the great work!”

Milestones and Retiring Staff

Not one, not two, but three wonderful long-serving team members within the CLIC@JDHL retired in 2022–23. We celebrate their achievements and contributions to UW-Superior and will miss them greatly.

Photo of Janet

Janet Baltes began her employment in the Jim Dan Hill Library in 1979 as a student employee in the cataloging department and the Educational Materials Center and after several years, she became the Library cataloger in August 1984. Throughout her nearly 45 total years at UW-Superior, Janet has been a steadfast and stalwart community member at UW-Superior and within the Jim Dan Hill Library staff especially. She performs her official role with expertise and passion and is currently the longest-serving cataloger in the UW System. Janet has seen many changes in the library world, including the shift to digitizing records from the beloved old card catalogs. Her knowledge of creating, editing, and maintaining library records is hard to compare to anyone else’s—literally!

Photo of Julie

Julie Bracket began her employment at UW- Superior in 1986. In
her 37 years of service to UW-Superior, Julie served in several units, and has served as Administrative Assistant in the Library since 1990. Julie demonstrates the utmost professionalism, deep care and stewardship of the library building and its resources, and respect and kindness to all the community members whom she encounters at UW-Superior. One area of Julie’s role that she takes particular pride and enjoyment in is working with the student employees. Over the years, Julie has helped professionalize hundreds of students through their employment experiences in her kind and patient way. Julie is uncommonly open-minded, big-hearted, and helpful.

Photo of Del

Del Wright began his employment at UW-Superior in 2013, first within the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning as a Media Specialist, and throughout different title and unit changes, retires as Educational Technical Consultant. In his ten years at UW-Superior, Del has been instrumental in supporting instructors in the design of high-quality online courses. He shepherded two major transitions for the campus including the migration from D2L to Canvas in 2018–19 and the Summer 2020 switch to online instruction during the pandemic. It is
not an exaggeration to say that Del has supported hundreds of help cases over the years, contributing his expertise in digital media, course design, universal design for learning, and other key aspects of digital and online pedagogies to the continuous improvement of teaching and learning at UW- Superior.

New Staff

We’re also excited to welcome two new members of our team!

  • Katie Loucks began to serve as Librarian II on an LTE basis. She comes to us from Killeen, TX.
  • Taylor Johnson began supporting the CLIC@JDHL as Administrative Assistant II. She supported Tech Services in the same role for the last few years.

Photo of KatiePhoto of Taylor

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