Submit Application Materials to Turnitin Using Canvas

Staff reviewing admissions applications can use Turnitin in a Canvas course to analyze application documents.

Prepare Your Document for Turnitin Analysis

Before submitting an application to Turnitin, please copy and paste the portions like you’d like to analyze into a Word document. Usually this means copying and pasting any written statements. Save this new document to your computer.

Alternatively, most PDF viewers can quickly convert a PDF to a Word document. For example, Adobe Acrobat can Export PDF files as Microsoft Word documents.

This step is important because:

  • Turnitin is not compatible with PDFs. You’ll need to use a Word .DOC, .RTF, or .TXT file.
  • Turnitin will analyze all text in any submitted file. This process is quicker and more reliable if you remove any unnecessary text that is likely to match across applications, like form entry text.

Submit Your Document for Turnitin Review

Visit Your “Application Review” Canvas Course

The UW-Superior Canvas team created a Canvas course you can use to submit application materials to Turnitin:

Canvas: International Admissions Application Review Course

If you need access to this course, please email Mark MacLean and

If you’d like a similar Canvas course for reviewing a different type of document, please fill out this online form.

Screenshot of Canvas Course

Submit Your Document to the Canvas Assignment

To submit a document review, first open the International Admissions Application Review Canvas course, and then open the necessary Plagiarism Review assignment:

  1. On the course homepage, look for the Application Review module.
  2. Click the necessary Plagiarism Review assignment. [We will likely create a new assignment for each year’s submissions.]
  3. Click the yellow Start Assignment button.
  4. In the “File Upload” tab, click the Choose File button.
  5. Select the document created earlier.
  6. In the “Comments” field, enter the applicant’s name, and any other comments you’d like to include for record keeping.
  7. Agree to the End-User License Agreement by selecting the checkbox.
  8. Click the yellow Submit Assignment button.

Screenshot of File Upload Screen

Turnitin will begin analyzing each submission immediately but the analysis will take at least a few minutes. Plan to submit for analysis in advance of needing the results.

You can view Turnitin analysis results for a submission once SpeedGrader shows a percentage icon for that submission.

View Turninitin Analysis

To view Turnitin analysis results, open the Plagiarism Review assignment where you submitted the document for analysis. Next, click SpeedGrader. This link will be on the right side of a wide browser window or at the bottom of a narrow window. This will open a new tab.

Once in SpeedGrader, you can cycle between users enrolled in the course and view submissions from whomever submitted the document. You can cycle between users in the course by clicking the left and right arrows at the top-right of the SpeedGrader window. (You can also click the name of the current user to view a list of all users in the course and select the one you need.)

Screenshot of SpeedGrader User Selector Screenshot of Similarity Score Icon

On each submission you should see a Similarity Score flag (which includes a percentage) below “Submitted Files.” The color of the similarity score flag is based on the amount of matching text Turnitin detected in the document.

To view detailed Turnitin analysis about the submission—what Turnitin calls the Similarity Report—click the Similarity Score flag. This will open the Turnitin Feedback Studio in a new tab, showing the submission, annotations, and a toolbar on the right side of your browser window.

Screenshot of Turnitin Similarity Report

How to Get Help Using Turnitin in Canvas

If you’ve never used Turnitin before, please watch this Turnitin Feedback Studio Walkthrough video.

You can view and search additional documentation and support guides from the Turnitin Help Center. Some useful guides include:

You can also access popular help articles by clicking the (?) icon in the top-right of the Turnitin Feedback Studio.

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